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More of What Works. Less of What Doesn’t. On Becoming an Integral Coach

If you’ve ever considered being a coach or have seen other people rocking it (like moi) and are all ‘that gig looks awesome’, or simply want to expand your capacities in work and life in a dramatic way, this post is for you. Oh, and a heads up, I’m totally going to direct you to go register for one of their programs.

I knew I wanted to be an Integral Coach™ before I knew that Integral Coaching® was an actual thing. I was in my early 20s, devouring personal development books and zooming through one transformational program after another. I was building a business (my salon) without any actual know-how and felt that developing myself would help me figure out how to actually open my mail and pay my bills and not be a stressed out flake with my staff and clients. (confession: it wasn’t a strong start on either of those counts.)

When I first read Ken Wilber, I was like a kid on acid discovering the workings of the Universe for the first time. I began clumsily applying Integral Theory in my own way to the operations of my hair salon and with my staff and clients. I’d thought to myself, if there was a coaching methodology based on this theory, that would be, like, my effing dream job.

Turns out there was.

A decade later, I have the deep privilege of experiencing ever increasing alignment with what I feel most called to do and impact in the world. My capacity to cause really practical, concrete and sustainable change, for myself and for my clients, is quite strong. While I will take credit for being generally awesome, it is without a flinch that I credit my training and continued participation and leadership with Integral Coaching Canada. ICC helped me to develop the capacities needed to really bring what floats through…


Am I Taking This Too Seriously?

Sometimes I take myself very seriously.

I watch every thought, judge every deed with grave importance.

I wonder whether my sense of significance around my own existence is my soul seeking form or my narcissism flaring up again.

The urgency burns and time feels slippery.

It seems like I’m in a race to make good on the promises I’ve whispered to myself when feeling crushed by the injustices streaming on the news.


I saw a quote recently “Mother Teresa never worried about her thighs. She had shit to do.”

It inspired me. A fist pump and a hell yeah.

And I felt ashamed for worrying about my thighs.


Sometimes I take my body very seriously, like it’s a…


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