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5 Secrets to Overcoming Inadequacy. Perspectives on Sufficiency

So first of all, this title is supposed to be ironic. You see, I’ve got some beef with the whole ‘5 secrets to this, 10 secrets to that, the-one-big-secret-that’s-so-oh-my-god-you-can’t-believe-it-everything’s-going-to-be-different-now-so-click-here,’ schtick.

It’s like secret agent experts all over the webosphere are promising each other unicorns.

Selling inadequacy

The ‘listed secret meme click bait’ preys off our feelings of inadequacy. It implies that I have something that you don’t, that you need me in order to be beautiful or successful or write a best seller in 4 days or whatever garbage people are trying to get you to buy.

Of course it’s possible I’m just being a crab face about the whole thing and sprinkled too much cynicism in my coffee this morning. Maybe people are ‘sharing their secrets’ like sorority sisters, generously contributing to each other’s wholeness. But for the most part, the ‘secret list to breakthrough results’ smells like a farce to me, it wafts in with painful insistence that I’m not enough as I am and I’ll only be adequate or whole with your product or revelatory information or formula.

In fact, this whole consumerist machine is built on inadequacy, or at least convincing us all that this is a fact. It could be argued that I’d be out of a job if people oriented from a place of sufficiency. I don’t think that’s true.

The culture of ‘not enough.’ 

We’re so inside it that it’s almost impossible to imagine what we’d do with our time if we weren’t trying to make more money, look more perfect, acquire more stuff or be mo’ better. So what would happen if we were actually operating from a place of sufficiency rather than lack? Would we let ourselves go? Would we lose all drive? Would we not buy anything ever again? Well, we would probably stop associating sugar water with happiness, that’s for damn sure.

This question, that comes in many…


I Love These Women. Heart and Soul for Change

This week I started my new group coaching program and had our first collective call with two groups of awe-inspiring women. I want to tell you all about them. I want to gush and share and pour my heart out about how great it feels to be in the company of women, to engage in real talk, to open up and set our sights on what we most long for and want to create and offer the world.

But of course I’m not going to tell you a darn thing, not only would that be totally unethical, it’d puncture the sacred container.

So instead I want to tell you about three other women, you may already know who they are, but their work is…


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