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I’m Launching A New Website. And Other Goodness. Please Join The Party!

Hey, guess what?! I’ve got a new website coming and I want to invite you to get as stoked as I am about its launch.

So first, here’s an invitation to my virtual site-warming party. November 4th. We’re going to have a real live party too. Because some things are better face to face. Like people. If you’re in Vancouver, come out and celebrate this labour of creative love. All the details are here. 

There’s so much new awesome coming and I’m not going to give it all away, but I’ll let you in on a little something. You know how I create practices for you, sometimes sourced by you, sometimes by my own musings?

Well, sometimes maybe you don’t want a practice. Sometimes you just need some insight or an answer, some helpful tools or to know you’re not out to lunch, inadequate or alone. Am I right?

I love hearing from you. With the launch of my new site, I’m introducing Dear Chela. That’s me. Write me a letter, ask for what you need and I’ll answer it for you. A short, virtual coaching session for the benefit of all!

Send me your questions and I’ll answer on launch day. Come play with me.


Don’t Crank. Incubate. Maybe I Don’t Need To Work So Hard. (Part 3)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be totally productive and creatively expressed without stressing yourself out and cranking? I swear to you, it’s possible. I blame our externally obsessed culture for- well for most things actually- but definitely for the collective distrust around incubation and allowing things to come together in their own mysterious ways and timeframes.

I don’t like working hard. It makes me bitchy. I like working deep. I like working smart. I like working with fullness and joy and complexity and freedom. I can even deal with overwhelm. But hard? So over it.

But waking up to new ways of engaging work and life and actually untangling a lifetime of habit are…


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