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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching™ is a coaching methodology that includes the whole human. Developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada and based off of contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber’s, Integral Theory, this methodology is complex, inclusive and downright bangin’. When we work together within this method, what we’re focusing on is backed by multiple lenses for human development, which enables our work to be completely custom to your unique make up, personality, views, needs and aspirations.

Together we establish a topic that’s relevant for you, the area of your life or work that you want to take on. Then we go for a stroll, get to know as much as we can about where you’re at, what your experience and perspectives are in relationship to your topic and what you’re wanting. We imagine what it would be like if your topic was realized, both in terms of your internal experience and the external results. An integral coaching™ program is designed taking into account where you are now, where you want to be and what capacities you would need to build within yourself in order to get there. Integral Coaching™ supports you in gaining greater awareness about yourself and the way you relate to your topic and then offers practices specific to supporting you in growing into the realization of your topic.

Having been a client to many methodologies and engaged in countless transformational programs, Integral Coaching™ has been the catalyst for the deepest and most sustainable change I’ve experienced by far. Being able to skillfully offer this transformation to others is a great honour.

How does it work?

So, what do we do? Hang out, drink tea, talk about my goals and you tell me what to do? Nope.

This is a program you’re embarking on. This is serious business. Except when it’s hilarious. But either way, you’re working, I’m working and together, we go places. Your Integral Coaching™ program is designed specifically for you, where you are now with a carved out trajectory taking you where you want to be.

We look all facets of you and how you relate to your topic. One of the unique aspects of this process is that we don’t just look at where you want to go and what your goals are. We really look at who you are and where you are now and ensure that your program meets you where you are. We uncover the aspects of your current way of being that really work for you and what aspects are hindering you. Your Integral Coaching™ program is designed specifically around what needs to be developed in you to really show up in life and in your topic in the way you want to.

Throughout the Integral Revolution and Evolution Programs, we will be working with practices that build on one another to increase your capacities in all the right places, and break up habits that are disempowering or thwarting your ultimate trajectory. Both the Integral Insight and Integral Mapping sessions also send you away with practices and actions that are designed specifically for you.

What’s in a topic?

We ask, where is the most important place to focus your developmental efforts?

How do I express my life’s purpose? I want to enjoy my work more. I wish I could really relax and enjoy my life. Where should I direct all my passion and intensity to make a difference in this world? I need to take my organization to the next level. Where should I start to make the lifestyle shifts I want? I want to be fully self-expressed.

Your topic is the arena that holds the work we do. It’s where you want to grow. It’s where you’re craving change. It’s the next level you’re climbing to or that which you’re desperate to climb out of. It’s where the juice is, the raw spots, the pleading for new.

Your topic holds your growth and is your compass. When we begin, we look at your topic and ask,“where to?” When we’re in it, we look at your topic and say,“how’s it comin’?” When we’re done, we look at your topic and say “check!”

Is this something I need?

Probably. Or maybe. Let’s just go with yes. Now let’s explore…

Here’s where I stand on the issue of coaching. It’s great and needed. Integral Coaching™ is by far the most comprehensive and deeply effective method I’ve ever worked with and I’ve been client to MANY coaching modalities. It’s through my own experience of ongoing transformation and evolution with this work that I’m so committed to it and to bringing it to my clients.

Yet, while I am here to sell you something, I really have no vested interest in ‘selling you’ on something that you’re not totally compelled to do. I want to work with people who are really ready and able to do the work. If you’re sceptical or on the fence and want to explore more, that’s totally valid and cool, and my team and myself are fully available for you. But if you’re expecting to be talked into something or asked to stretch beyond your means to make working together happen, that’s not my style.

I do believe that our planet would be a lot healthier and sane if we all made our development a greater priority and that it’s important to develop ourselves on behalf of what we can offer in the world. In particular for those of us who live lives of privilege, where our concerns expand beyond our basic survival. I feel a moral obligation to contribute to solutions and to being of service through my work, my art and my way of being in the world. You can count on me to continue to develop myself and to evolve just as I think the rest of humanity should. Coaching is one way to do that.

But I’m not for everyone. And Integral Coaching™ is not for everyone and in particular, I don’t think this is the route for you if you’re dealing with severe trauma or you’re in a time of collapse, healing or overwhelm, unless this work is done simultaneously with other professional support. Integral coaching develops and stretches you and while I’ve certainly built many programs around alleviating overwhelm and being better at self-care, this is no replacement for therapy or medical care.

Are we a fit?

You can find out about me all over this site. Let me tell you about you. Excuse me, how presumptuous. Of course we may not know each other yet. This ‘you’ is who’s ideal for this work, and specifically, this work with me. If this resonates and you’re like “oh my, she’s talking about ME”, please drop me a line and we’ll explore working together.

You’re ready for some important shifts and movement in your life and you recognize that investing in and developing yourself is the most effective way to move you closer to what you want. You’re not new to the path of development and transformation; you’ve got some work at your back. You’re healthy and capable and ready to go. That doesn’t mean you’re perfect or totally have your shit together, I’m not an advocate for pretence nor do I think it serves anyone for us to be performing for one another.

You’re not looking for a taskmaster or to have your feet held to the fire, but rather, you want to be seen and deeply understood. You want to be met and accepted in all of who you are while being given the insights and tools to develop into all of who you want to become. You want to be held accountable as the most loving friend would, with compassionate challenge and unwavering support.

You’re open to looking at varying perspectives and take personal responsibility for yourself, your work and your life. You’re likely a leader, an entrepreneur or a catalyst for change. You want to make an impact. You are making an impact. You want to up your game and your game feels important.

You know that ‘making a difference and being of service’ is more than a fashionable marketing strategy; it’s the only way you want to pursue success.

You take your life and development seriously. You’re also down with having a good time. Be forewarned, I’m into transformation being fun. Except when it’s painful. That happens too. So what I’m really saying is, you’re up for exploring and leaning into the vast range of the human experience on behalf of really doing the work you’re called to do on yourself and in your life.

It’s important to me that you know that you don’t have to have anything ‘figured out’ or know exactly what you want for us to explore going after it. This work is really human to human. I work in a way where all of you gets to show up and be included, honoured and worked with.

Ready to go?